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3.14sstarring Marlon Brando as the voice of john Truckasaurus.
3sYou crazy car. I don't know whether...
4.44sto eat you or kiss you. Celebrity voice impersonated.
2.53s- Are you stuck in a dead-end job? - Maybe.
2.99sAre you squandering the precious gift of life in front of the idiot box?
0.42sWhat's it to you?
2.75sAre you on your third beer of the evening?
2.15sDoes whiskey count as beer?
3.84sWell, maybe it's time you joined the exciting field of monorail conducting...
2.4sby enrolling at the Lanley Institute.
2.74sActual institute may not match photo.
1.98sMarge, I wanna be a monorail conductor.
0.42sHomer, no.
2.6sIt's my lifelong dream.
3.04sYour lifelong dream was to run out on the field during a baseball game,
1.89sand you did it last year, remember?