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1.97sGet to the money!
1.23sVery well.
1.98sWe will now hear suggestions for the, uh, disbursement...
2.2sof the, uh, two million dollars.
2.6sDon't you mean three million dollars?
2.07sOf course. How silly of me.
2.84sExcuse me. We could use the money to hire firemen...
4.27sto finally put out that blaze on the east side of town. Boring!
2.67sHello. My name is Mr. Snrub,
4.2sand I come from, uh, someplace far away.
2sYes, that will do. Anyway,
3.84si-i say we invest that money back in the nuclear plant.
2.34sI like the way Snrub thinks.
2.94sPardon me, but I would like to see this money...
1.88sspent on more police officers.
2.25sI have been shot eight times this year,
2.8sand as a result, I almost missed work.
4.24sMy name is Marge Simpson, and I have an idea.