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1.95sLEELA: Oh, good.
1.47sHello, it's me, Fry.
2.23sI'm drunk right now.
1.47sSo just leave.
1.4sI love you.
1.28sOlive you.
6.92s(LAUGHS) And finally, our new employee of the month is Fry.
2.45sHe's really been putting his nose to the grindstone,
2.17saccording to Bender's constant updates.
3.15sHe's been working so hard, we barely even see him.
1.53sIt's strange, that.
1.48sThere's nothing strange about it.
3.75sHe's just out of sight around this corner, exterminating mice.
2.84s(TAPE REWINDING) Mice... Mice...
1.87sMyself... Elf... Elf...
1.4sElves are back.
1.43sT. text home?
1.43sSorry, boy.
3.07s'Cause of the embargo, our planets aren't allowed to communicate.
1.78sUpdate Facebook status home?