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1.5sI'm not here right now,
2.47s'cause we're out getting drunk at the Olive Garden.
3.54sSo just leave a message for myself or Bender after the tone.
1.03sSee you!
4.07sOh... (KNOCK ON DOOR) LEELA: Fry? Are you home?
3.44sWe're supposed to have a date at the adults-only pancake house.
2.97sOf course he's here and not on another planet!
3.55sIn fact, he's about to talk to you right now.
1.95sLEELA: Oh, good.
1.47sHello, it's me, Fry.
2.23sI'm drunk right now.
1.47sSo just leave.
1.4sI love you.
1.28sOlive you.
6.92s(LAUGHS) And finally, our new employee of the month is Fry.
2.45sHe's really been putting his nose to the grindstone,
2.17saccording to Bender's constant updates.
3.15sHe's been working so hard, we barely even see him.