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2.53sIf only I could hear your voice again.
4.14s(GASPS) (MACHINE BEEPS) Hello, it's me, Fry!
1.5sI'm not here right now,
2.47s'cause we're out getting drunk at the Olive Garden.
3.54sSo just leave a message for myself or Bender after the tone.
1.03sSee you!
4.07sOh... (KNOCK ON DOOR) LEELA: Fry? Are you home?
3.44sWe're supposed to have a date at the adults-only pancake house.
2.97sOf course he's here and not on another planet!
3.55sIn fact, he's about to talk to you right now.
1.95sLEELA: Oh, good.
1.47sHello, it's me, Fry.
2.23sI'm drunk right now.
1.47sSo just leave.
1.4sI love you.
1.28sOlive you.