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1.88sThat is for Grrrl Scouts!
2.7sMen bring the skulls home, women arrange them.
2.74sI'm gonna help you earn a manly badge.
1.55sPlanetary invasion!
2.84s(GROANS) But that's really hard.
1.42sHard shmard.
3.14sI'll let you invade the easiest planet in the whole galaxy.
2.14sFARNSWORTH: Good news, everyone!
2.13sI'm in terrible pain.
2.14sHow is that good news? It's not.
3.6sI've run out of Good News brand herbal supplement.
2.8sIf you don't get me more Good News, everyone,
4.69smy arthritis will make me seize up like a dried monkey carcass.
1.18sI've seen those.
7.42sIn the Great Monkey Desert. (TV TURNS ON) MORBO: We interrupt your TV being off for this special bulletin.
3.17sAn alien saucer has been detected en route to Earth.
2.1sWe now go live to the White House lawn,
2.33swhere such things usually land.