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3.2sAll right. Root beer, bananas and toilet paper.
2.14sFifty percent out-of-towners' tax.
1.62sOut-of-towner tax?
3.62sI'm sorry, Mrs. Simpson, but we have to charge you foreign devils more.
4.22sAll right. But this better be the best toilet paper I've ever had.
3.12sOh, no worries there. That's Henderson's toilet paper!
2.1sOoh! Why didn't you say so?
2.15sHey, is there a bathroom here?
0.63sNot for you.
3.5sI don't know why, but I just didn't feel comfortable...
3.3suntil I was back here in New Springfield with my own kind.
1.75sThey were looking at me...
2.32swith their eyes.
4.99sAs expected, New Springfield's bold experiment in slob rule is a disaster.