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2.05sTo be honest, it's a little chilly--
2.25sOww! Get out of the way, Marge.
1.98sWe were expecting a bigger crowd, Homer.
4.15sDon't worry. They'll be here. And then they'll see who's got the better town.
3.1sNow, these are the tunes I want you boys to play.
1.83sWait a minute. Homer!
2.27sA lot of these are Grand Funk Railroad songs!
2.05sAnd we don't know "Pac-Man Fever."
2.22sOh, come on. It plays itself!
9.48sPac-Man fever Doo-doo-doo-doo It's a-driving me crazy Look, Lisa. Daddy's in the Who.
2.03sGive us back our concert, Simpson!