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3.84s"Four drink minimum"? I'll cover you, honey.
2.82sHi, how you folks doing? I'm Moe.
5.92sOr, as the ladies like to call me, "Hey, you, behind the bushes."
2.2sIs this thing on?
2.55sNo. Sorry, Moe.
3.64sAnd now, without further Apu.
2.38sI have been zinged and I love it.
5.32sThe last angry clown, the man who spews truth from every orifice,
2.87sladies and gentlemen, Krusty.
1.99sYeah, yeah, yeah.
2.9sSo I'm watchin' TV today--
2.1sWhoo! TV, yeah!
4.15sAll I keep seein' is dead celebrities hawkin' products.
3.4sThe got poor Vincent Price floatin' around on a toilet cake...
3.87stellin' me about "the horrors of an 'unfresh' bowl."