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1.95sI'm a freakin' moron."
2.69sKrusty's gone nuts.
3.24sThen you got these lady comics talking about stuff...
2.23sthat would embarrass Redd Foxx--
2.03sGod rest his smutty soul.
3.07sWho they slept with. What time they sit on the can.
2.67sThis is supposed to get you a husband?
2.99sWhat the hell are you laughin' at? I'm just tellin' the truth.
0.48sAnd it's funny.
2.87sIt is?
3.9sIn that case, I'm proud to announce my triumphant return to comedy.
3.84s"Four drink minimum"? I'll cover you, honey.
2.82sHi, how you folks doing? I'm Moe.
5.92sOr, as the ladies like to call me, "Hey, you, behind the bushes."
2.2sIs this thing on?