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3.5sI don't think that's a good idea. Hmm."
3.87sTake that, Marge.
1.8sThank you, thank you.
4.3sAnd now, the all-new comedy stylings of...
3.42sKrusty the Clown!
2.24sOh, Krusty!
3.3sWait. Where's my water? Oh, there it is. All right.
2.37sHello. I'm a real person.
4.59sAnd as a real person, I've made some humorous observations about real life.
3.79sFor example, have you ever noticed how there are two phone books,
2.6sa white one and a yellow one?
2.17sLike, what's the deal with that?
2.6sOne's residential, the other is business.
4.05sOh, well, that makes sense.
2.59sWhat will they think of next, blue pages?
2.72sThey have those. They're government listings.
2.35sI see.
2.97sUh, what about two-cent stamps?