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2.21sto get us to buy their crap.
1.93sImpeach Churchill!
5.3sWell, here's one dollar those crooks aren't gonna get their hands on.
2.39sUh, isn't that illegal?
3.59sI don't care if it is illegal. I'm makin' a stand here. Who's with me?
3.14sI am! I worked like a dog for this.
2.37sMe too.
3.37sOh, you're burning it all wrong, Seymour.
2.84sIt's my allowance, Mother, and I'll burn it the way I want.
1.94sTake that, you greedy fat cats.
1.82sMarge, give me your purse.
1.39sHere's $42. That's everything I have.
2.45s- Run home and bury it in the yard. - I love you, Mom.
3.84sWow, they're hanging on his every word.
2.84s- Are you thinking what I'm thinking? - I hope so.
4.59sI thought I made myself clear in Boston.