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1.99sWould you like to see Russian cutaway gag?
0.97sYeah, sure.
1.77sHere is Russian cutaway gag.
1.52sWhere the hell is Quagmire?
2.48sI don't know. He said improv rehearsal at 7:00, right?
2.1sYeah, where is Quagmire? I haven't seen him all day.
3.1sYou know what? I think he went down to the bank.
1.2sWhat was that? What did you hit me for?
1.27sI'm passing the story on to you.
1.23sKeep it going. Keep the story going.
1.37sHuh? What's Quagmire doing at the bank?
1.43sIt's improv, Peter. You don't think.
1.37sYou don't think. You just keep talking. You don't think.
1.13sDon't think. Don't think. What comes to mind?
1.13sTalk, talk, talk, talk, talk!
2.29sI get it. Tap me, Quagmire, tap me!
3.57sQuagmire went to the bank to donate sperm because it's a sperm bank.
1.5sYes, there you go. He's moving it forward.
2.94sHe's moving it forward. See, Peter? Now tap Peter.
3.8sHey, pilgrims. Happy Thanksgiving, pilgrims.
1.77sIt's me, John Wayne.
1.93sOh, no. All right, you know what? You're not loosened up yet.
2sAll right, let's do some warm-up exercises.