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4.35s(SIGHING) He was "Putin" us on, huh? Right?
2.54sWhat do you think of that? Chevy?
3.6sRight? That would have passed for funny in one of your movies, right?
1.43sOkay, moving on.
3.64sGentlemen, let me put your minds at ease. I know why you are here,
1.69sand I mean to help you.
2.82s(LAUGHING) Well, terrific.
5.59sThe truth is the reactivation of a Cold War sleeper spy would be an embarrassment to my government.
3.84sOn the scale of our 1981 failed Czechoslovakian occupation outpost,
1.87swhich was penetrated by Bill Murray,
4.47sHarold Ramis, and their ragtag band of misfit soldiers who didn't even graduate!
6.24sThey slept through the graduation ceremony and somehow managed to come out of the manhole wearing clean, pressed suit, as you say.
1.8sSo the long and the veiny of it is,
1.4syou're gonna help us out, right?
3.89sI will provide you with transportation, passports, food, supplies,
2.44severything from "A" to backwards "R."
2.48sWow! Thank you so much for your help, Mr. Putin.
1.99sWould you like to see Russian cutaway gag?