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6.04sI don't... I don't really know what I'm supposed to be doing, but...
2.3sOh, there's track star Wilma Rudolph.
2.9sObviously, she had something to do with the gag,
4.4sbut I didn't hear the setup, so I don't really know the context...
1.6sHey, I wonder what Peter's up to!
2.23sOkay, so we got to come up with a name for our improv group.
2.33sAnybody got anything? BOTH: Um...
1.62sHow about the Jokeridge Boys?
1.03sNot bad.
2.24sWait. How about Funny Side Up?
1.77sNo, no, no. Guys, guys, we got the name.
3.57sIt's Improv-de-Colon- the-Truth-is-Ad Libbed.
2.57sWhat about Deliveries in Rear?
1.6sOh, yes!
2.59sNo, no! No, you can't just jam jokes in for no reason!
1.84sIt has to be organic to the situation!
2.37sWhat the hell you being so frigging comedy Hitler about?
2.32sI was in three improv groups in college, Peter.