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3.4sHey, is Ron Howard's weird-looking brother one of these lab technicians?
1.9sOf course he is. It's an '80s movie.
1.75sHey, there's something on the screen.
2.9sAnd those two bums turned to me and said, "You're not funny, Peter."
1.03sIn my own house!
1.07sWell, what was the bit?
1.37sOkay, ready?
3.7sI'm John Wayne at the first Thanksgiving, pilgrims.
2.54sHappy Thanksgiving, pilgrims.
3.34s(LAUGHING) Oh, God. Oh, my.
1.48sOh, my God, Peter!
2.53sI'll tell you, and I'm your friend and I'll be honest with you, that's funny.
1.44sThat is funny.
2.1sAnd you know what I appreciate about your joke, Peter?
2.23sIt's clean. It's clean funny!
2.54sI just wish there was some way I could show them how wrong they are.
1.9sShow them that we know comedy better than they do.
1.53sHey, I got an idea.
3.04sWhat's the most consistently funny form of comedy in existence?