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3.87sWhatever, Presidork. Let's kick this party into radical gear.
1.97sThat still doesn't explain what you're doing here.
1.45sYou see, Brian, during the Cold War,
2.6sthe Soviet Union brainwashed dozens of American civilians,
4.92seffectively making them sleeper agents who could be activated at anytime to do the work of the KGB.
1.53sActivated how?
2.44sThe agents could be activated by uttering a predetermined phrase.
5.95sAt which point, they would snap into a trance and mindlessly carry out whatever orders they were given by their KGB handlers.
2.94sWell, I mean, what if they encountered somebody who said the phrase accidentally?
1.77sNot possible.
2.3sThe activation phrase was something that no one would ever think to utter.
1.5sWhat is it? The phrase is,
3.62s"Gosh, that Italian family at the next table sure is quiet."
3.65sYou see, the U.S. government believes that one of these sleeper agents is right here in Quahog.
2.44sNow, you two individuals live here.
3.05sAre there any local residents whom you've seen acting strangely?
2.97sWell, there's a pedophile up the street that nobody seems to be doing anything about,
1.57sbut it's mainly because he's so funny.
2.3sWell, look, we'd be happy to help in any way we can.