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2.39sBoy, could that guy dance.
3.87sGuy dance? Guidance! Source programmable guidance!
2.2sWe can reprogram and disarm the missile from here.
2.69sFrom here? Well, our arms would have to be 40-feet long, Dan.
2.37sNo, yutz, not from right here. We go over there and do it.
1.05sOh, right.
1.2sOh, come on, Chevy.
2.87sYou should have known what he was talking about.
2.87sAll I have to do is bypass the primary navigational- guidance circuits,
10.41sdeprogram the hardwired safety overrides, and reconfigure the motherboard so that the missile's primary central-processing unit tells itself to eject its own warhead while still safely above the Earth's atmosphere.
1.55sHey, Dan, when this is all over,
2.87syou may get a call asking you to evaluate my performance.
2.47sCan I count on you to give me a 10?
1.53sAnd that should do it.
2.24sYou did it, Dan. My God, you did it!
3.9sYes. Oh, my God. You did it. You did it.