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2.47sHere's John Wayne at the first Thanksgiving.
2.64s"Happy Thanksgiving, pilgrims!"
6.01s(AUDIENCE LAUGHING) You like that? Okay, here's John Wayne Bobbitt at the first Thanksgiving.
2.37s"Where's my penis, pilgrims?"
5.24s(AUDIENCE LAUGHING) And here's John Wayne Gacy at the first Thanksgiving.
5.49s"I want to dress up like a clown "and have sex with children and kill them, pilgrims."
6.01s(AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Guys, I got to split. I took a wet duke.
1.94sOkay, this is not something that should ever have been attempted.
1.67sThank you very much. Good night, everybody.
2.5sI wish there was some way I could have prevented this.
1.25sIt wasn't your fault, Mayor West.
1.33sThere's nothing you could have done.