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4.84sTo Bart. Thanks for visiting me...
4.2sat Springfield General Hospital.
5.12sYour visit was a ray of sunshine...
3.02son an otherwise cloudy day.
2.37sYour pal,
2.03sCaptain Lance Murdock.
2.77sWow, man. Thanks, Lance.
2.53sYou're welcome, son. Nurse, take this thing out of my mouth now.
2sMr. Murdock, my brother's thinking about...
2.7sjumping Springfield Gorge on his skateboard.
2.47sCould you leave me with the young 'uns, please ?
3.09sNow, let me start by sayin', good for you, son.
2.77sIt's always good to see young people taking an interest in danger.