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3.12sYou're crazy, Bart. You're never gonna make it.
2.94sSpare me your lectures, ladies.
1.97sAah !
1.79soof !
3.37s- Oh, no, he's hurt ! - Bad ! - Let's get outta here !
3.3sOh, my little boy !
3.09sCome on, Marge. We're mad at him. Are you all right ?
0.35sBetter than all right. I got stitches !
3.45sEww !
2.77sProbably a scar too. Mrs. Simpson,
4.24sBart tells me he injured himself training for a career in death defiance ?
2.67sYes. Well, we saw a daredevil last night.
2.42sAnd, well, you know, monkey see, monkey do.
4.97sHmm, I think I know something that might discourage him from this sort of behavior.
2.49sBart, in this ward are the children who have been hurt...
4.61sby imitating stunts they saw on television, movies and the legitimate stage.