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1.7sI'm starting to come down, Marty,
2.83sCrystal Kalaxian is a really strong, but fleeting high.
1.93sThat's what I think of your crystals, Rick!
1.76sOh, Morty, you idiot!
2.26sDoes anybody else have any more K-Lax?
1.33sB-Birdperson? Uh, Squanchy?
1.56sDon't squaunch at me.
2.26sAll right, everybody, party is officially over!
1.93sRick, take us home now.
2.26sAll right, fine, Marty, you party pooper buzzkill!
1.37sBoo, boo! Marty sucks!
2.76sBaal, You suck, whatever your name is.
1.93sRICK: Marty, you're the worst, Marty,
2.2sBut these gears just started turnin'.
1.8sLUCY: Almost finished, Jerry?
1.97sUh, almost.
3.23sI haven't quite captured your beautiful eyes.
1.66sI'm sure it's good enough. Move!
3.43sEvery weekend, Jacks and Roses have their Titanic experience in this car,
2.49sand lhave to mop it up,
2.8sThe floor drops out to make it easier.