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1.76sPlay something. S-Somebody, play something.
2.26sWait a minute. What?
2.87sJ, Put your right foot fonNard and your left foot back J,
2.66sJ, Then slide around like on a Nordictrack J,
2.26sJ, Move to the left. Step to the right J,
3.66sJ, Wiggle your elbows, and look up into the light J,
2.23sJ, It's the, it's the J,
2.53sJ, It's the Rick dance J,
1.9sJ, It's the, it's the J,
1.83sJ, It's the Rick dance J,
1.7sSlow Mobius, hit me with the clock beam!
2.43sJ, It's the, it's the J,
1.19sJ, It's the Rick dance J,
2.26sThat's the Rick dance! All right!
1.33sWhoa, man!
2.49sWhat the hell was that?!
3.3sI thought those crystals were supposed to help us get home or something!
2.2sWhat? No, no, no, I can get us home whenever I want ta,
2.4sBut, listen, speaking ofthose crystals, can I get the rest ofthem?
1.7sI'm starting to come down, Marty,
2.83sCrystal Kalaxian is a really strong, but fleeting high.