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2.13sGreat. Not only is the ship not sinking,
1.8sbut now the fourth wall has been broken.
3.06sI am gonna go back to the room to finish my book.
1.7sYou should find that Lucy woman.
1.16sBut -- but --
1.93sYou see, Jerry?
1.56sMay I show you something?
1.59sHad everything gone as planned,
1.59sthis entire area would be underwater,
2.26sI would have liked to see it,
2.56sThis trip has been a "Titanic" failure.
2.03sGet it? Ooh!
0.07sDraw me, Jerry.
2.13sOh, boy,
1.59sLucy, wow.
2.63sUh, this isn't what I had in mind.
1.7sBut it's the perfect moment.
2.3sWe've been dreaming about this for 16 years.
1.83sUm, not like this. Not -- not with you.
1.93sYou are gonna draw me.
3.09sThen you're going to fuck me in that car over there.
3.84sIt's weird, 'cause I definitely think that all men are created equal.
2.13sBut, at the same time -- Okay!
2.13sUm, the crystals should be really close.
1.47sThere they are!
2.76sWait. Something's not right.