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1.59sHey, I'm not going anywhere. I'm injured.
1.59sShut up, Lincoler.
2.26sIt's the least you can do forwrecking the living room,
2.43sYeah! And, Nancy, you should go, too.
1.87sWhat? Why -- why me?
2.23sBecause, uh, you're --
3.06syou're so good at playing the flute.
1.9sCAPTAIN: Sorry for the inconvenience, folks.
2.09sWe should resume sinking shortly.
4.8sIn the meantime, please, stay on the ship and enjoy a complimentary plate of James Cameronion rings.
2.13sGreat. Not only is the ship not sinking,
1.8sbut now the fourth wall has been broken.
3.06sI am gonna go back to the room to finish my book.
1.7sYou should find that Lucy woman.
1.16sBut -- but --
1.93sYou see, Jerry?
1.56sMay I show you something?
1.59sHad everything gone as planned,