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4.23sSUMMER: I swear to god, Morty, if it weren't for the fact that everyone's still having a blast in there,
1.9sI would be so furious with you right now.
1.83sOh, man. Y-You hear that, Morty?
1.87sYou really lucked out with Summer o-on that one.
2.06sHow are you guys not freaking out right now?!
2.53sT-The whole house is sitting in another dimension!
2.2sl-l mean, w-what the hell are we supposed to do?!
1.8sM-M-Mom and Dad are gonna kill us!
2.43sI'm losing it here, Rick! Relax, Marty, relax!
1.47sIt's gonna be fine.
3.73sAll we have to do is go out and find us some Kalaxian crystals.
1.93sOh, shit, motherfucker!
1.59sKalaxian crystals, Marty,
1.37sjust a few miles south of here.
1.49sOkay. Let's go, then.
1.83sW-W-We got to go get those crystals right now, Rick.
1.93sWhoa, whoa, whoa. Marty, l-l can't go with you.
3.86sI got to hang back and make sure everything stays cool here, you know?
3.13sI mean, who knows what -- what if somebody breaks something?
1.87sYeah. Metoo. I should stay.
1.33sYou guys have any aspirin?
1.73sOh, hey, Morty, this is perfect!
1.83sYou can take Lincoler with you.
1.59sHey, I'm not going anywhere. I'm injured.
1.59sShut up, Lincoler.
2.26sIt's the least you can do forwrecking the living room,
2.43sYeah! And, Nancy, you should go, too.