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2.26sI'm just looking for...
2.56sI believe Birdperson can arrange that.
2.59sHey, Summer, haven't seen you at flute practice in a while.
1.93sSummer, don't tell me you're friends with her.
1.63sAre you kidding me?
1.93sI don't even know what she's doing here.
1.93sWhoa. Not cool, Summer. This is a party.
1.63sEverybody should be welcome.
2.03sOh, great. Who invited Abradolph Lincoler?
2.23sI thought everyone was welcome.
1.59sIt's not the same, Summer.
1.49sLincoler is a crazed maniac --
5.5sjust a misguided effort of mine to create a morally neutral superleader by combining the DNA of Adolf Hitler and Abraham Lincoln.
3.87sTurns out it just adds up to a lame, weird loser.
2.63sRick, you brought me into this world,
4.6sa suffering abomination tortured by the duality of its being.
4.57sBut I shall finally know peace when I watch the life drain from yourwretched body!
1.33sWhoa. What's up, man?
1.83sl have no quarrel with you, boy,
1.76s"Boy"? What's that supposed to mean?
1.4sIt's just -- l-look,
2.8sl-l don't know how you thought I meant it, but...