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1.43sIs that what I think it is?
3.9sYes, every couple gets to re-create Jack's drowning at the end ofthe movie.
0.99sIt's so romantic.
1.87sI can't wait to do that with Beth.
1.76sI don't know, Jerry. With all due respect...
1.93sit seems like your wife may not be that interested.
2.23sIceberg, right ahead! The buffet is now closed.
3.3sIceberg, right ahead! The buffet is now closed.
2.73sUh, sir? There's not a problem.
2.33sWhat do you mean there's nota problem?
3.63sThe guidance system isn't putting us on a direct collision course.
2.94sThis ship is about to completely miss the giant iceberg!
2.16sWell, do something! Steer into it!
2.13sI'm trying!
2.37sIt's too late. Ladies and gentlemen...
1.59sdon't brace yourselves.
2.8sJERRY: No! What happened?!
2.26sWOMAN: Their rail system must have failed.
2.4sTotally gonna get laid tonight.
1.59sI like your feathers.
1.87sThey are designed to attract the attention of the female.
1.52sIt's working.