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4.27sOkay, it was about 754 years ago-,
2.87sOh, hey, Morty! H-Have you met my buddy Scropon?
1.26sNot again, Rick.
2.03sThat last guy droned on for 20 minutes, you know?
1.73sAnd meanwhile, the whole house is being destroyed!
1.76sWhoa, Marty, this guy's entire planet was destroyed.
1.59sHave a little perspective.
2.2sHey, Rick, squanchy party, bro!
1.4sAw! Squanchy!
2.16sIs there a good place for me to squanch around here?
2.23sSquahchy, you can squanch wherever you want, man,
1.97sMi casa es su casa, dawg!
2.43sAll right! I like your squanch!
2.23sUh, Rick, what exactly is "squanching"?
3.53sMarty, listen -- we've had a lot of really cool adventures over the last year,