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6.87sThe thing people don't realize about the gear wars is that it was never really about the gears at all.
1.8sUh-huh. Yeah. No, no, to-totally.
1.4sRick, you gotta stop --
1.63sMarty! Have you met Gearhead?
1.59s- Hey, how's -- - Marty here, he --
1.8she would love to hear all about the Gear Wars.
2.83sHow familiar are you with the gear wars, exactly?
1.83sUh... not at all.
1.93sOh, boy, I envy you,
4.27sOkay, it was about 754 years ago-,
2.87sOh, hey, Morty! H-Have you met my buddy Scropon?
1.26sNot again, Rick.
2.03sThat last guy droned on for 20 minutes, you know?
1.73sAnd meanwhile, the whole house is being destroyed!
1.76sWhoa, Marty, this guy's entire planet was destroyed.
1.59sHave a little perspective.
2.2sHey, Rick, squanchy party, bro!