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2.03sThen it's time to get your beak wet tonight, player.
2.03sGo have some fun out there Birdp-- Bird-- Birdperson.
2.03sOh, man, how many people did you invite, Rick?
4.4sUh... people? Mm, six.
2.16sYa! What up, my Glip Glops?!
1.49sOh, man!
2.76sY-Y-You know there's a garbage, right?
1.7sHey, uh, what the hell?!
4.97sOoh. That's why you never invite a Floopy Doop and a Shmoopy Doop to the same party.
1.8sOh, oh, g-- oh, that's disgusting!
1.3sYou guys are in my parents' bed!
1.93sOh, Sorry. I'm not feeling too well.
2.03sI just needed to lie down for a bit.
2.33sOh, Okay. S-S-Sorry.
1.83sOh, my god! Are you kidding me?!
6.87sThe thing people don't realize about the gear wars is that it was never really about the gears at all.