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2.09sWell, what about her? Excuse me, ma'am.
2.03sWould you like to take my place in line?
2.26sl, uh -- I could get into trouble.
1.73sWe won't tell.
3.06sSo... you're a Titanic fanatic?
2.26sOh, yes. I've worked here since it opened,
2.16sbut I've never been able to participate.
1.83sHappy to help... Rose.
1.93sI love watching bukkake.
2.13sI mean, like, I don't know ifl personally would ever do it...
1.99s- Brad! Hey! - Yo.
2.47sBrad is here! Quick, make my hair look drunk.
2.43sCheck it out. Tammy's already drunk,
1.99sThe beacon was activated.
2.73sWho is in danger? Ugh! Grandpa!
1.66sI am pleased there is no emergency.