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1.52sIs that like their N-word?
3.64sIt's like the N-word and the C-word had a baby and it was raised by all the bad words for Jews.
1.83sListen, lthinkthe three of us could just,
1.83syou know, have a nice time, like, just hanging out,
1.7sand, you know, doing a little bonding and --
1.7sScrew that. This is my chance...
1.73sto gain some footing with the cool kids.
2.4sThat's why you party? Boy, you really are 17.
0sWhy do you party?
2.13sTo get ...
2.09swr-wriggedy wriggedy wrecked, son!
2.8sJust keep your sci-fi friends away from my awesome ones.
4.6sYeah, and you keep your awesome friends away from my cahapes.
4.43sAfterdinner, 77tan/c2will attach to the rail system near our replica iceberg,
4.63sand the hydraulics encased in these tubes will execute a controlled sink into the icy depths.
4.56sA rail system seems archaic for an attraction this impressive.