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1.76sThis has been so much fun.
1.76sHey, Rick. You know, this whole time,
3.26sI haven't once heard you say that "wubba Iubba dub dub" thing that you usually say.
1.37sDon't need ta,
1.76sI have a new catchphrase.
1.76sOh, yeah? What -- what's that, Rick?
0.05sI love my grandkids.
2.05sBOTH: Aww,
1.8sPsych! Just kidding -- my new catchphrase is,
1.97s"I don't give a fuck!"
2.94sJ, Just shake that ass, bitch, and let me see whatcha got J,
2.9sJ, Just shake that ass, bitch, and let me see what you got J,
1.8sRoll credits!
1.97sJ, Just shake that a-- J, Roll the credits! Go!
2.26sJ, Just shake that ass J, That's the end of season one!
1.87sThat's the end, motherfucker!
2.2s"I don't give a fuck" is my new catchphrase!
1.4sFuck you!
1.97sThat's season one! Boom!
2.8sSeason one up in your face, motherfucker!