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2.06s- Hi, I'm Brian Griffin. - And I'm Stewart.
1.7sMany of you have written to the show...
1.9s...with suggestions you'd like to see.
1.63sThey're mostly god-awful.
3.56sTonight we took your advice and produced three of our favorite suggestions.
1.76sFavorites? Oh, that's charitable.
2.49sundefinedWhat is that? " got this from Dharma and Greg.
2.63s- l'm surprised there's anything left in it. - Whoa!
2.43sLOIS: "It seems today that all you see
3.53s"is violence in movies and sex on TV
3.13s"But where are those good, old-fashioned values
2.43s"on which we used to rely?
2.9s"Lucky there's a family guy