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1.8s"Sitting next to bums There's an open seat
0.99s"Hope that isn't pee"
0.05sYeah! I'm sick of hearing it!
3.85sLook, I'm sorry, buddy. I can't turn it off.
2.87sWell, then I'm gonna break every bone in your body.
2.56s" wish I had no bones! Done.
1.47sThat ought to show you!
4.77sOh, no. I got to fart. But I don't know which way to lean.
3.87sI know you might be a little concerned about me not having bones and all.
2.53sBut I got to tell you, it's not that bad.
1.76sDad's just like Silly Putty.
4.16sLook what I can do to Mary Worth's smug sense of self-satisfaction.
2.4sThat's right, son. Take her down a peg.
2.76sI guess we could all adjust to this.