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6.34slet us remember the struggle of our people as they labored under the yoke of Pharaoh's despotic rule.
2.5sHey, if anyone appreciates a good yoke, it's the "Yews."
2.24sThat's my Jewish laugh. I'm working on a Jewish laugh.
3.4sPeter, I'm so embarrassed right now. Can we please just go?
1.63sHi, you're pretty.
1.33sOh, thank you.
4.7s(INAUDIBLE) Mom, is sodomy illegal if you're Jewish?
2.54sI hope so, Meg. I really do.
2.74sIt's not, Lois. It's not.
2.22sDad, this isn't the way to school.
1.2sYes, it is, Chris.
4.47sOne of the best parts about being Jewish is getting to take advantage of their excellent schools.
1.63sI'm not going to no Jewish school.
2.84sSitting around all day with a bunch of short, hairy guys.
2.57sI'll feel like I'm on the forest moon of Endor.
2.65sDidn't you... Didn't you make that joke the other day?
3.7sOh, yeah. No, I just... I wasn't sure if everybody had...