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1.43sThank you for coming over, Max.
3.2sI really need some advice from an actual Jewish person.
1.2sOh, it's my pleasure, Lois.
2.33sI'm sure this all must be very overwhelming.
2.8sI just don't know what to do with this information.
2.27sI've spent my whole life as a Christian.
2.4sI'll tell you what you should do with it. Absolutely nothing.
1.4sThat's the problem with this world.
2.17sToo many people go overboard with what they believe.
3.12sLike Quagmire when he thought he was the one getting the spinoff.
1.15sSee you later, bitches.
4.2sHave fun with your stupid, goddamn giant chicken jokes and your Conway Twitty...
2.12sHey, why is there a moving truck outside Cleveland's house?
1.87sWell, I wouldn't put it quite like that,
1.72sbut, essentially, Brian's right.
3.5sBeing Jewish doesn't really have to change you or your family's life.
1.5sWell, I guess you're right.
2.97sThere's no reason things should be any different around here.
1.62sShalom, Jews.
3.47sWow, Dad! Where did you get all that glistening chest hair?
1.47sIt came with my Star of David.
2.8sEveryone, from now on our lives will be better.