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3.4sI'm sorry, Lois. I was a fool. I'm done with Kathy.
1.5sCan you ever forgive me?
3.8s(CRYING) Peter, settle down. Yes, I forgive you.
2.3sJust as long as you're done with that stupid cutout.
2.67sI just want you to know that every time I was with her,
2.74sI was thinking of you.
3.54sPeter, stop. Come on. I'm not in the mood.
3.77s(LAUGHING) Oh, Peter.
1.48sOh, Lois, I missed you.
2.7sYou and your wonderful smile, and your beautiful eyes,
2.8sand your awesome third boob that's on top of the other boob.
2.33sLOIS: What? Oh, my God.
2.44sPeter, that's not a boob. That's a lump.