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3.19sI... I don't know Shakespeare very well.
3.27sKathy! Kathy!
2.3sThere you are. Oh, don't give me that look.
1.53sYou don't think I know where you've been?
2.1sHow dare you make a fool of me?
1.7sDid you have sex with that fat kid?
4.84sDid you? Answer me! Oh, my God. Look what you made me do.
4.37s(CRYING) Why did you have to provoke me? Why did you...
3.02sQuagmire? There you are. Nobody's seen you in days.
2.69sHey, Peter. I've just been
2.17schecking out some of that Internet porn.
1.05sYou okay?
1.43sYeah, yeah. I'm good. I'm good. I'm good.
3.6sI'm just gonna go and check my mail over there.
1.17sYou been lifting weights?
3.97sNo, I don't... I don't think... No.
3.47sI'm... I'm sorry, Peter. I... I got to... I got to get back.