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3.14sWhat you did this morning was so far out of line, I just...
2.37sLet me tell you this. Mom was right.
3.27sI can't just sit here and let you dump all over my heritage.
2.23sI'm not gonna make the mistake she did.
2.17sI'm Jewish, and I'm proud of it.
2.47sAnd this weekend, we're having a Passover seder.
1.47sYou can't do that. It's Easter.
1.17sNot in this house.
2.47sLois, this family believes in the Easter Bunny.
2.44sHe died for our sins in that helicopter crash.
1.8sNow, if you want to go to hell, that's fine.
4.1sBut don't drag the rest of us down with you like a mentally handicapped rooster.
1.18sGood night, everybody!
3.57sOkay, everyone. This is my first time doing a seder,
4.1swhich is where we tell the story of the Jews' escape from bondage in Egypt.