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2.37sOh, thanks for spending time with me today, Mom.
1.83sI just had to get out of that house.
1.77sPeter's being such a jackass.
3.27sLois, I think this is more serious than you realize.
1.67sDon't you see what he's doing?
1.6sHe's just being immature.
1.77sIt's happened before. And it'll pass.
4.8sLois, what Peter is doing to you is exactly what Carter did to me for years.
3sHe's repressing your Jewish identity.
4.14s(CARTER GIGGLING) But, Mom, I don't really care about being Jewish,
2.03sor even Christian for that matter.
2.5sI just want to be a good person on my own.
5.14s(CARTER GIGGLING) All I'm saying is I let your father take my Jewish identity,
2.23sand I've regretted it ever since.
2.87sI don't want to see you make the same mistake.
1.97sI don't know, Mom. I'll think about it.
2.57s(CARTER GIGGLING) Carter, knock it off!
2.64sCARTER: Come on. You know you Jew girls want that dollar.
3.64sFollow the dollar and it'll lead you to... What do Jews like?
2.07sSalmon! There's salmon over here.
1.53sIs there really salmon over there?
3.5sNo. You walk over there and he squirts you with a squirt gun.