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0.41sOh, I'm leavin'!
1.67sThere's the door.
2.53sI'll be good.
3.39sAh! Do you have to shed your skin on the couch?
2.67sWhat do we live in, a zoo?
2.37sI'm gettin' the doorbell.
2.54sFor me?
3.32sOh, uh, hello, sir. It's a lovely evening you have tonight.
2.37sUm, I'm here to pick up-- your daughter.
3.05sHi, Fry. I like your blazer.
2.7sThanks. These aren't pockets. They're just flaps.
4.24sI put my money in my sock.
2.27sSo, where are you taking my daughter tonight?
4.17sA movie-- A movie, ma'am.
3.7sWell, whatever you're really doing, don't wake us if you get in after 12:00.
2.37sDad! You're being too lenient again.
2.17sI have to be back by 11:00!
0.41sOkay, okay! You're the boss.
3.51sNo, I'm not!