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2.27sNow I have to pay them!
3.14sI'm tired of your yapping!
4.04sAll you ever do is complain. You never try to make things better.
3.14sWell, I'm runnin' away from this dead-end family.
4.14sI know there's a place for people like me with new ideas!
1.68sThere has to be!
0.79sFine. Get going.
2.07sOh, I'm goin'. And you're gonna be all,
2.57s"Where's Bender? I miss Bender."
2.03sWe won't know that until you leave.
0.41sOh, I'm leavin'!
1.67sThere's the door.
2.53sI'll be good.
3.39sAh! Do you have to shed your skin on the couch?
2.67sWhat do we live in, a zoo?
2.37sI'm gettin' the doorbell.
2.54sFor me?
3.32sOh, uh, hello, sir. It's a lovely evening you have tonight.
2.37sUm, I'm here to pick up-- your daughter.
3.05sHi, Fry. I like your blazer.