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3.55sYo, Captain Cataracts! What are we doin' here?
4.14sOh, it's 2:30! We can still catch the Early Bird Dinner Special.
2.37sUh, aren't we looking for your gargoyle?
2.18sMy wha--
4.59sHello, Mavis! Surprised to see me back again so soon?
0.66sMavis is dead.
1.92sI expect you'll want to see...
3.19smy Angry Crotchety Grandpa Discount Card.
2.22sSir, this card has expired.
0.61sBut it's good for a lifetime.
3.01sWell, yours expired.
2.67sOh, Lord!
2.75sTeeth do not belong in your pants, Professor.
3.25sWell, I can't keep them in my mouth. They're nuclear powered!
2.34sOw! It bit my finger!
2.47sNo! No! It's tasted human blood!