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2.29sI wanna hear a space story.
4.77sIt's kind of a baby book. But, okay. Let's see.
3.35s"'Snow White Dwarf and the Seven Red Dwarfs,'
3.45s'Charlotte's Tholian Web,' 'The Fountain of Aging--'"
1.94sThe Fountain of Aging?
2.37sHmm. It is just a legend.
4.72sStill, they called the tooth fairy a legend, and now he's head of the F.B.I.!
2.57s'Sup? Kids ready?
2.27sYea! Professie's back!
3sEw! You smell like smoking...
1.93sand drinking!
3.19sI had a few beers, but I'm cool to drive.
2.17sI wish I could come with you to say good-bye...
2.43sbefore you all turn back into grown-ups.
2.6sBut I'm grounded for knocking the school over.
3.34sWho cares, Leela? It was just a public school.