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3.54sI thought I would hate working nights, but it's so peaceful.
3.57sAnd there's no one here to squeal on me for shootin' mice.
2.17s- Can I ask you somethin', Dad? - Sure, boy.
3.65sIf the town keeps getting bigger, will there always be enough electricity?
2.54sAw, Son.
3.17sYou know that's none of your business.
1.93sSay, is that our house?
2.4sUh, I don't think our house has a steeple.
2.15sOh, yeah!
2.7sI forget things sometimes.
2.74sReally? You like skateboards?
2.55sMm-hmm. We're sure learning a lot about each other.
1.83sYeah. This tether has some pluses.
3.74sOw, my head! Oh, I need a beer.