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3.8sUm, did she say she used to be a dude?
3.52sSo, Your Honor, if you're going to punish anyone in this courtroom today,
2.62sI ask that you punish me.
0.65sOkay, I will!
4.02sBartholomew Simpson, I hereby sentence you to five years in juvenile hall!
2.99sWell, I'm back from vacation.
3.2sBut I was just about to bang my gavel, making the sentence official.
3.62sSorry, I've already put my clown down.
0.5sBut I was just going to--
2.7sThe clown is down.
4.44sJudge Snyder, motion to declare a writ of boys will be boys.
2.22sMotion granted. Case dismissed!
2.6sAll right. We got lucky that time.
3.02sBut I want everyone in this family to raise your hand...
4.1sand promise not to break the law for one full year.
1.79sWe promise.