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4.42sWait, wait. Wait, wait. Not so fast. I can see into the interns' restroom from here.
3.87sDid you know that this is how F.D.R. met Eleanor?
1.75sAll right, pull me up.
3.29sSix queens. Read 'em and weep.
3.59sNot so fast. Seven queens.
2sFreeze, goombahs.
2.7sWe're shutting you down, you filthy i-talians.
3.4sIt's Italian-Americans. Right, right. Filthy i-talian-Americans.
5.17sGentlemen, if you would simply consult my dear friend Mayor Quimby,
2.17sI am confident this can be--
1.6sNot this time, Fat Tony.
2.67sThe mayor's office is not for sale.
2.7sCan you, uh, edit out the laughs?
5.07sI am not so much disappointed as I am blinded with rage.
2.67sOoh, the Mafia guy's all mad.
2.84sOh, what are you gonna do, call your godfather, huh?
2.84s"Oh, Godfather"--