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4.42sI don't have time for this. I got 75 shortcakes to strawberry.
2.8sNow get out there, Luke.
9.91sguyS and dolls we're jusT A bunch of crazy guys and dolls oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I want the mayor dead. I want his wife dead.
3.17sI want his cat and his dog dead.
2.24sWait, wait, wait, wait. Who is before the cat?
3.69sjust kill the mayor.
1.65sY-You're not mad at me, are you?
3.64sLuke be A Jedi toNight
3.05sjuSt be A jedi tonight
3.37sdo it For yoda while we serve our guests A Soda
4.37suh, and do it For chewie and The ewoks
2.36sAnd all the other puppets
1.78sLuke be A jedi tonight
4.54sHey, you're in this number! Get out there and shake that moneymaker.